I am Colette Harber, a civil celebrant and funeral celebrant; welcome to my website.

Talking about death and funerals is not easy for people; it is something that society as a whole, in this country, does not feel overly comfortable with. It is an exceptionally emotive subject, but I feel that death is a very important part of life and that we should celebrate the life of the person who has died in a specifically designed Celebration of Life ceremony, rather than being mournful at their funeral ceremony.

Given that you are looking at my website, I suspect that you may already be arranging or are about to arrange a funeral for, or, on behalf of someone close to you.  With so much to think about and do when your emotions are extremely raw, especially with the legal requirements surrounding a death, you may not know that you do have a choice when it comes to actually arranging the funeral ceremony.

A dignified Celebration of Life ceremony is the very last gift you can give to a person.  It should be a time to celebrate that person’s life and a time to say goodbye to them with dignity, love and respect.

In this country, there is no legal requirement for a funeral to be conducted by a religious minister; you may indeed feel uncomfortable with a religious ceremony, as the person who has died had no specific religion. Therefore, a Celebration of Life ceremony might be an appropriate choice.

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